Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I need a new antenna

I have to apologize to the listeners of my KSFB tower feed. You've probably noticed that some days the signal is much better than others. The problem is the antenna of course.

I really need to get myself a real antenna. The one I'm using now is a home-made job. A half-wave dipole (easiest thing in the world to make) that I literally threw up in a tree outside the window. Problem is, I have the coax going out the window so it doesn't shut all the way. This is not so good in the winter. Plus I've got curious ants who climb out of the tree, down the wire, and into my computer room via the little coaxial skyway bridge I've built them.

Getting a real antenna, mast, and coax that goes through the wall instead of the window is on my short list. I promise.


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